The Best Senior Living Communities near Gilbert AZ

Thinking about your future when you’re retired is important. If the nest is empty, and there’s a lot of upkeep, why not sell it and find a community that’s filled with likeminded retirees? Luckily, there are plenty of senior living communities in the Gilbert, AZ, area. However, there are a few that rise above the rest that you may want to consider if you’re planning on making the move.

Here’s our list of the best senior living communities near Gilbert, AZ.

Leisure World Arizona

If you’re in the market for a moderately-sized home with breathtaking views and plenty of activities in the surrounding area, then you may want to take a tour of Leisure World Arizona. This community, located in eastern Mesa, has plenty of housing that can accommodate your lifestyle. During the day, you’re free to take a stroll through the picturesque parks, play 18 holes, work on your tennis game, push yourself in the fitness facilities, or even take classes to learn a new skill or craft. Leisure World Arizona is the perfect location for the next step with your retirement.

Sun Lakes of Arizona

Want to treat your retirement like an extended vacation? Sun Lakes of Arizona takes the relaxation and fun of a resort and makes it into a senior living community! There are plenty of expertly designed and outfitted homes with beautiful views available. There’s also plenty of fun activities going on throughout the community, including golf courses, pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, and even restaurants. They’ve even got clubs and organizations based on interests like photography, art, computers, and many more that may appeal to you and your preferences.

Trilogy at Power Ranch Community Association

If you like the idea of the resort community, Trilogy at Power Ranch Community Association may be the right place to plant your flag. It’s home to a wide array of amenities, including clubhouses, golf courses, spas, swimming pools, tennis courts, a fully loaded fitness center, and even a cyber café and computer labs. The homes are beautifully designed and with amazing views of the San Tan Mountains in the distance. Forbes Magazine even voted Trilogy at Power Ranch Community Association as one of the best places to live for people over 55. Come see what all the excitement is about in this rich and vibrant senior living community!

If you’re considering your retirement options, and want to move to a community with a variety of fun activities, amenities, and views, any of these senior living communities near Gilbert, AZ, would be a great place to live.