Dashboard Light Guides

Do you ever wonder what those dashboard symbols in your car mean? You may have a vague idea, but knowing what these symbols mean can go a long way, especially if they appear while you’re out on the road. As a way of helping our drivers in the Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe areas learn more about their vehicles and their components, we’ve created this dashboard light guide library. These guides serve as a helpful resource for our drivers who are trying to learn more about their car dashboard symbols and the meanings behind them.

Why Should I Read These Guides?

These guides are here as a resource for drivers like you to learn more about the different warning and indicator lights that can suddenly appear on your dashboard while you’re out on the road. These lights can appear at any time, so it’s best to be prepared by knowing what the lights mean so you’ll know what to do. Some of these lights are simple reminders, but other lights are ominous warnings that are letting you know about a malfunctioning component. Knowing what these lights and symbols mean can help you prevent further damage to your vehicle.

check engine dashboard warning light

How Will These Guides Help Me?

Reading these guides can have numerous benefits. You may notice a symbol appearing sporadically, and if you knew the meaning behind it, you’d be able to address the issue and find the solution. By familiarizing yourself with the various dashboard symbols in your vehicle, you can easily identify one and know exactly what to do when it’s flashing while you’re in the middle of your journey. You’ll be able to tell if it’s a minor issue or a severe problem that requires professional service and maintenance.

By learning about the different lights and what they mean, you’ll be prepared for any situation when one appears and you need to act fast while remaining calm.To get started, simply click any link below and learn about the dashboard lights in your vehicle. At Earnhardt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we’re always happy to help drivers in the Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe areas learn more about their vehicle so they can be prepared should an issue arise while they’re out on the road. If an issue does arise, schedule auto repair with us today!