2017 Ram 1500 Dashboard Symbols

The 2017 Ram 1500 trucks run strong, taking on nearly any job you can throw at it. Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe pickup owners can ensure that their Ram 1500 continues to provide this hard-working level of service by paying close attention to what the vehicle tells them.

Any time there is an issue or just something the driver ought to be aware of, the Ram 1500 will display an icon on your dashboard. You can use this guide as a quick reference for getting the answers you need regarding your Ram’s current status.

If you think you may have a serious issue, consult your owner’s manual, and be sure to book an appointment with Earnhardt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram’s stellar service department to help your Ram 1500 last for decades to come.

Red Telltale Indicator Lights

These lights almost always demand your immediate attention to correct safety hazards or issues that could potentially require extensive repairs if left ignored. You can schedule a diagnostic checkup and inspection for your vehicle any time your 2017 Ram 1500 dashboard symbols indicate a possible serious problem.

Seat Belt Warning Light

When lit, notifies that the driver or front passenger has not fastened their seatbelt. Always ensure your seat belt is completely buckled before putting the vehicle in motion. You may hear a chime if you continue to ignore the symbol.

Air Bag Warning Light

Lights up briefly on vehicle start as a bulb check. Will remain lit and sound a chime if an issue with the airbag or seatbelt pretensioner system is malfunctioning. Have your vehicle serviced immediately.

“BRAKE” Warning Light

Indicates that your parking brake is active. Never drive with your parking brake engaged. If the light is active and your parking brake is not engaged, you have an issue with your brake fluid or hydraulics that requires your immediate attention.

(!) Additional Brake Warning Light

Can indicate issues with low fluid level, parking brake systems, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC) or other systems. If this warning light stays lit, have your vehicle serviced as soon as you possibly can.

Red Security Light

If your 2017 Ram 1500 is equipped with a security system, this light will blink quickly for around 15 seconds once the vehicle is locked and the system is armed. The light will continue to blink slowly until the system is disarmed.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

Indicates that your engine is currently overheating. Pull over immediately, as driving further could cause serious permanent damage to engine components and systems. Take steps to cool the engine down, and refer to the “If Your Engine Overheats” section of your manual for instruction.

Battery Charge Warning Light

Indicates that you could have an issue with either your battery or your alternator charging system. Have your vehicle inspected as soon as you can.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Notifies you that your oil pressure has dropped to dangerously low levels. Pull the vehicle over immediately and check your oil level with the engine dipstick. If you recently had an oil change or have normal oil levels, consult your local Ram service department immediately.

Electronic Throttle Control Light

In vehicles equipped with electronic throttle control (ETC), this light indicates that you may have an issue with your EHC system. Pull the vehicle over, and place it in park. If the light persists, you may require immediate servicing.

Electronic Steering Warning Light

Indicates a possible issue in vehicles equipped with electric power steering systems.

Trailer Brake Warning Light

Indicates that your trailer brake line has been disconnected. If you are actively hauling a trailer, slow down gradually and then pull over as soon as you can. Some related issues may need to be addressed through a service appointment.

Door Open Light

Indicates that a door is open. Shut the door immediately, and pull over if you need to confirm that the door is shut completely. If all doors are shut and the light is still active, have your vehicle serviced.

Yellow Ram 1500 Dashboard Lights

These lights indicate the status of certain vehicle systems, and they can also notify you of maintenance or repair needs. Consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Electronic Stability Control Light

Activates briefly on vehicle start, and will periodically activate while driving when the electronic stability control (ESC) system engages. If you wish to turn off the system completely, the symbol will be accompanied by “OFF” text below. If the light blinks continuously even when not turning or accelerating, you may have an issue with your ESC system.

Windshield Washer Fluid Light

Indicates you have low washer fluid in your reservoir.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light

Activates to alert you that you have low tire pressure or a steady loss in tire pressure. Consult the readout for more information on the tire(s) affected. Pull over as soon as you can to check the pressure and refill tires. If the light flashes, you may have an issue with your TPMS in general.

Low Fuel Light

Activates when you have 3.0 gallons or less in your gas tank. Pull over to the nearest fuel station as soon as you can.

ABS Indicator

Lights up briefly on vehicle start. If lit during driving, can indicate an issue with your anti-lock braking system. Note any additional brake warning lights, and have your vehicle serviced as soon as you can.

Transmission Temperature Light

Indicates that your transmission has become extremely hot. This may occur under heavy driving conditions, while hauling heavy loads, during trailer towing or when driving in low 4x4 gears for an extended period. Slow the vehicle, safely pull over, and shift into NEUTRAL to allow the transmission to cool down.

Low Coolant Level Warning Light

Indicates your radiator fluid levels are low. DO NOT REMOVE RADIATOR CAP OR COOLANT RESERVOIR CAP to check levels until the vehicle has had a half hour or more to cool down.

Air Suspension Payload Light

Indicates that your current payload may exceed weight recommendations or height recommendations in vehicles equipped with air suspension.

TOW/HAUL Mode Light

Activates when TOW/HAUL mode is selected in equipped vehicles.

Cargo Light Indicator

Shows you have the rear bed cargo light activated.

Loose Fuel Cap Light

Indicates your fuel cap is not completely sealed. Pull the vehicle over when you can to check the cap. If the cap is secure and the light remains on, see your authorized dealer.

Air Suspension Off-Road Setting Lights

One arrow indicates that the air suspension system (on equipped vehicles) is set to Off-Road 1, and two arrows indicate that the system is set to Off-Road 2.

An triangular arrow indicates that the system is currently being raised or lowered, depending on the direction of the arrow.

A solid arrow pointing down indicates that the lowered entry/exit is currently selected.

“4 LOW” Light

Indicates that your 4x4 LOW mode is currently selected. The system may also display “SERV 4WD” to indicate a malfunction with your four-wheel drive system, which means you should have the vehicle serviced immediately.

“2WD” Light

Indicates that two-wheel drive mode is currently selected.

Other Ram 1500 Dashboard Symbols

Fog Light Indicator

Illuminates when the front fog lights are active.

Turn Signal Indicators

Blinks left or right in rhythm with a clicking sound to indicate that your turn signals are active.

Cruise Control SET Light

Activates when your speed is set within your cruise control system, if equipped.

Cruise Control Ready Light

Activates when cruise control system is switched on but there is no speed set.

Hill Descent Control Light

Activates when your vehicle’s hill descent control (HDC) system is switched on.

High Beam Indicator

Displays when your headlights have been switched to high beam mode.

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